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KAMA is a Montreal based artist materials store run by artists and serving artist WORLDWIDE! In business for more than a decade with an wonderful reputation for high quality materials, great prices and fantastic shipping rates!!

The PRODUCTS NOTED ON THIS SITE are sold by KAMA PIGMENTS. KAMA IS BASED IN MONTREAL but services artists worldwide. The original palette was formed by a painter from the USA in a studio in Quebec City many years ago. KAMA has kept the original palette and expanded on it. No one at this site receives compensation from KAMA PIGMENTS! Niether the site or owner. Simply we find it is a great tool for artists that they can not get in the more popular market place!

This site is owned by an artist-painter in Palenville NY USA
Where is Palenville NY?

At the foot of the Catskill Mountains where the entrance to the Kaaterskill Clove follows the creek westward till it comes to the famous Kaaterskill Falls made famous by Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School painters.

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